GlioModel is a collaboration of neuro-oncology research groups from 8 participating UK institutions, each housing one or more glioblastoma (GBM) preclinical models that span a range of  in vitro through ex vivo to in vivo experimental systems.  We are working together to show how functional assessment of candidate pathogenic molecules or pathways across multiple models can be used to expedite preclinical target validation and give more in depth insight into mechanisms underpinning malignant phenotypes. In this context models refers not just to specific cell lines but also the mode/environment in which cells are cultured or maintained.

Our vision is to provide a resource for target validation in GBM, and then across all gliomas, that is available to the global neuro-oncology community. 

The overarching provision would be of a service for researchers, who would apply to use the resource to validate their candidate target(s). However, the resource would also provide the wider neuro-oncology community with:

  • A pipeline for glioma target validation that is robust, expert, multifaceted and layered (with consecutive tiers per target or list of targets);
  • Multidisciplinary approaches to preclinical modelling in glioma;
  • Validation of glioma models (recording how well each one recapitulates the molecular characteristics of the patient disease, its reproducibility and the recorded response to standard of care);
  • Training across the UK in the application and use of  these different models, where feasible.